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Welcome to Copenhagen

Come explore Copenhagen with a storyteller by your side.

  • Dive into Old Copenhagen, palaces, side streets and harborside stories
  • Sample from a full plate of great museums, cultural events and shopping possibilities
  • Experience lively urban neighborhoods, close to the city centre, yet off the beaten track
  • Take a bike tour in the city’s green surroundings
  • Visit the Royal Castles of North Zealand, or discover the land of the Vikings
  • Travel advisory service
  • Event ideas and management

We are professional guides, city historians and storytellers. We’ll show you the city we love to live in, and help you make the most of your stay here.

Yours Truly, Paul Hartvigson

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Danish Food Tours

Featured Tours

A Walkable Feast

An oddysee of traditional food and culinary sculpture. We go in the trail of the famous Danish Smørrebrød, visiting several restaurants underway. Made to order.

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A Royal Affair

Explore the story and setting of the film A Royal Affair. The tour takes you on the trail of love and madness, idealism and intrigue. We open the doors of palaces and dive into the back streets of the old city to hear of royal scandal, crime and punishment.
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