Smørrebrød - a walkable feast

Eat and walk your way through old Copenhagen.

Smørrebrød are the Danish Open Face sandwiches. Little food sculptures on rye bread. Traditional for family reunions, business lunches, or the plain lunchbox version. This food item came about in the bustling 1880’ies, but is rooted in older traditions.

Below the relish decorations we find old medeival and peasant food traditions from an age where food preservation was the key to survival in the North. Guided by hunger and curiosity we embark on an exploration of Culinary Copenhagen.

Smørrebrød can be pronounced smeurr’broud - or just say smorrebrod. It’s the same kind of food as the Swedish Smörgåsbord (smeurrgoesboard)

The tours comes in a regular version (3,5 hours), a luxury 5 hour version, and a diet version of 3 hours (with tasters only)

Tours should start at 10 or 11 PM, as Smørrebrød is lunch food.

Regular Smørrebrød Tour

  • Start at New Harbor Canal (Nyhavn) with herring tasters, hearing the story of the medeival herring adventure.
  • Walk past King’s New Square, Strøget Walking Street, Old markets.
  • Restaurant visit at Greyfriar’s Square. 2 pieces of Smørrebrød, and story of monastery herbs, sausage-making and ham-curing.
  • See astronomical Round Tower, Latin Quarter. Stories of renaissance spices, chocolate and tea.
  • Danish Cheese samplers at cheese shop.
  • Coffee and a Danish at a cafe.


2500 kr. for 2 + 300 kr. per extra participant (max 10)
335€ for 2 guests+ 40€ pr. extra participant (max 10)
440$ for 2 guests+ 55$ per extra participant (max 10)

The Diet Smørrebrød Taster Tour

A three hour walk of Copenhagen, sampling here and there, and getting the Smørrebrød story. The tour follows the same route as the Regular tour. This variety is perfect if you stay several days in copenhagen, and you’re looking for lunch inspiration.


2100 kr. for 2 guests + 100 kr. per extra participant (max 10)
280€ for 2 guests + 15€ pr. extra participant (max 10)
440$ for 2 guests + 20$ per extra participant (max 10)

Luxury Smørrebrød Tour

This tour includes a restaurant visit at Nyhavn with a herring platter, and a restaurant visit at the end with a cheese platter, coffee and Danish.

This tour takes 5 hours.


3300 kr. for 2 guests + 450 kr. per extra participant (max 10)
560€ for 2 guests + 60€ pr. extra participant (max 10)
580$ for 2 guests + 80$ per extra participant (max 10)

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