Copenhagen central is surrounded by lively neighborhoods, each with their style and groove. Below you can get a general idea. We can create tours in all of these, according to your taste.

The bro’s

The three letters refer to “paved street”, originally referring to the main highways leading out of Copenhagen West, Northwest and North - and South into Amager, giving rise to district names like:


Close to the Central Station, with a wide range of hotels, this was bad quarter of porn and drugs. After a far reaching urban renovation, it’s now partly trendy area, and partly urban and residential.


Smart, working class, multi-ethnic, the North Bro lies actually to the Northwest. There is a lot of action here, but also Assistens Churchyard to relax in - and an impressive system of bicycle paths and special parks.


Lying due North the Citadel, and logically named the East bro is rather quiet copmared to the others, but with good shopping and culinary options - and the main sports stadium and Fælledparken on the old City Commons.


On the north side of Amager island, this is the bro where you feel down to earth Danish living, just little removed from the big city. Adjacent to Islands Brygge and the newly built Ørestad.
Further out on the Island of Amager you find Kastrup Airport or the bridge to Malmø, Sweden

Other neighborhoods:


The selfstyled Borough of Frederiksberg, is a city in it’s own right. More wealthy, conservative and quiet with it’s history of kings, theatre life and arts. The setting of the romantic Frederiksberg Gardens and the Copenhagen Zoo.

Islands Brygge.

A narrow harborside neigborhood on Amager Island with history of landfill and heavy industry, and a unique mix of provincial feel, smart highrise and green oases. Take the bike bridge over to…

The south harbor…

… for a mix of a modern canal city in the old harbor lands, the seemingly forgotten district of Kongens Enghave surrounded by allotment gardens, park lands and landfill wilderness.


The Dream City of the early 20 century Welfare State, with great samples of scandinavian functionalist architecture. Northwest Copenhagen is diissected by major roads and fraught with social problems, but that’s just half the story. It’s also the setting of the majestic Grundvig Church in yellow brick on the “Bishop’s Mountain”, and down below a multicultural melting pot or witches brew.

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