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Contact information

att. Paul Hartvigson
phone (+45) 22 44 27 48

Elmegade 14, 4.
2200 København N

Paul Hartvigson

Historian, storyteller and authorized Tour Guide.
“I take you there.”

My viking forefather Egill Skallagrimson once found himself caught at a feast in the Hall of his deadly enemy King Erik Bloodaxe - he spoke a poem of the warrior virtue of Erik, and walked out alive. Travellling and tale-telling run in my blood. From Egill, and from Swedish, German, Jewish - and Danish ancestors too numerous to name.

Tour Leader since 2001 (Scandinavia and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile))
Licenced Copenhagen Guide since 2006
MA History, University of Copenhagen 1992
University study in Tucson, AZ, USA, High School Year in St. Louis Park, Minn. US.

Partners in guiding

I draw upon a network of tourist guides, entertainers and qualified people. uses authorisered tour guides for most assignments. They are trained at Roskilde University, and speak more than 25 languages between them. They’re knowledgeable about city and country, and are adept at fulfilling group and individual demands.
Please specify language preference and special interests when booking a tour.

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A Royal Affair

Explore the story and setting of the film A Royal Affair. The tour takes you on the trail of love and madness, idealism and intrigue. We open the doors of palaces and dive into the back streets of the old city to hear of royal scandal, crime and punishment.
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