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This page will become the portal of more detailed information on Copenhagen.
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Copenhagen is a city on a human scale. You experience that in the cobbled streets of the old city and in the green suburbs. Also the sea runs through the city and it’s history. Copenhagen lies on several islands, and charming canals grace the city.


The center of the Old Town captures the feel of previous centuries. Towers, steeples and domes dating back from the 16 century has given Copenhagen one of it’s nicknames. For we have escaped both glitzy highrise and urban decay. You can get the feel of the city in a couple of hours, but you can easily spend weeks exploring the city and all it has to offer.

The danes are easygoing people. Danish is our language, but good english is spoken by most of the population. You’ll only get lost if you really want to.


Greater Copenhagen is the home to 1.8 millon inhabitants, 600.000 of those live in the municipality of Copenhagen.

Denmark is a country of 5.4 million people. Half live on islands, half on the peninsula of Jutland. Århus in Jutland is Denmarks second city with 350.000 inhabitants.

Linked by a highway and rail bridge to the city of Malmö in Sweden, Copenhagen is part of a metropolitan region compromising 2.4 million inhabitants in the two countries, with the airport of Kastrup centrally located on the island of Amager.

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